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New to our office this year, the Shockwave pressure wave technology brings incredible healing to extremity pain. This non-surgical procedure has no side effects and has been proven to eradicate pain and discomfort for a variety of conditions, including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, scar tissue, patellar tendinitis, and many more. Advanced hospitals and medical facilities such as Johns Hopkins, Duke University, and the Cleveland Clinic use this technology to drastically speed the healing process for patients, but you won't find it anywhere but here in Kansas City! Look at a few of these statistics from leading medical publications:

  • 91% improvement for shoulder pain according to the Journal of American Medical Association, 2003
  • 90% success rate for heel pain from Foot & Ankle International, 2012
  • 77% improvement in elbow pain as seen in The Journal of Orthopaedics, 2005
  • 76% success rate for Achilles pain in a study in The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2007
  • 8 times more effective for hamstring pain than regular physiotherapy according toThe American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2010


This testimony is Sherri from Overland Park. We treated her right hip with the Shockwave procedure. She experienced a 70% decrease in pain over just 4 weeks!

"Before, I was in enough pain that I was in tears whenever I did laundry. I am in much less discomfort! The improvement that I have experienced in both my ability to move more freely and decrease in discomfort with day to day movements and activities in such a short period of time is fantastic. I look forward to experiencing the continuing healing that has begun!"

Victoria from Raymore had her neck and upper shoulders treated. She had a 70% increase in her range of motion! Afterwards

"I could turn my head much more easily, and I didn't feel the need to massage my neck each day. The title (Shockwave) may sound intimidating, but actually the procedure is a must for anyone with sore muscles!"

Monica from Overland Park had severe ankle pain and tarsal tunnel syndrome. After 12 treatments she reported a 60% decrease in pain! She said

"The difference is huge. I would recommend this to anyone! Great results!"

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"After 4 visits I started to notice a difference in how I felt. Two months after I could straighten my arm with no elbow pain. My back no longer hurts from standing for long periods of time. My knees are much better and I try to come everyday because of how good Dr. Darin has made me feel."

- Carlos M.

"My treatment has been great, I no longer have chronic problems with my neck or lower back. The amazing thing is when I do exercises that are stressful to the lower back (Squats, Lunges,etc), I have had no residual pain from doing these exercises. This has been a great experience for me and my body."

- Mark D.

"I the first 3 months of treatment with Dr. Darin I noticed vast improvements in my posture. I now have improved balance and less pain. Dr. Darin is a great doctor and you can tell by the way he cares for and treats his patients. I highly recommend his practice to anyone suffering from spinal issues. You will leave feeling like a whole new person."

- Andrew B.

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