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Performance based joint and muscle corrective treatment is a unique process that involves analyzing your spinal joints and/or extremity joints by comparing them to normal. We typically do this with digital radiographic analysis, through careful, methodical degree measurements and radiographic line markings. We have other diagnostic tools to measure inflammation, one of which is an infrared thermal scan to further enhance the examination process.

We also evaluate your posture and your position towards gravity. As a human you are designed to walk upright, and erect with perfect balance. However, due to physics and the laws of gravity you might be hunched over with your head in front of your rolled shoulders wreaking havoc on your health and future.

Physics and the laws of gravity wreak havoc on your health and future!

Let me explain…a city building inspector would never have approved the architect’s plans for the Empire State Building if it were leaning 15 degrees to the left. Why? Because it would have toppled over by now due to poor balance. The only way a building or bridge can defy the laws of gravity is by providing some sort of support underneath them. The stressed areas need to be shored up with steel or concrete.

Similarly, your body shores up stressed joints by adding calcium and bone, which is the main reason you end up suffering from bone spurs and osteoarthritis. Patients come to me saying their doctor told them their arthritis was due to old age! This couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course age plays a factor, but it isn’t the cause. If age were the cause of degeneration, every time someone incrementally turned 40, 50, 60 and so on, they would all suffer from the same degenerative arthritic condition, but you know logically this cannot be and is not true.

Old age is not the cause of arthritis!

Osteoarthritis and bone spurs are due to prolonged, repetitive stress on a joint, a history of trauma, and/or a lack of maintenance or correction. For this reason, your posture should never be overlooked; It keeps you balanced as a human being should be, walking upright, shoulders balanced over your hips, and ears directly above your shoulders. Today’s obsession with smart phones, iPads, laptops, etc. is the main culprit for this serious problem of pandemic proportion.

If your joints are considered abnormal there are certain specific steps we can take to move them closer to normal. This is accomplished through a combination of specific corrective exercises and specific corrective adjustments. Without exercises, the effectiveness of an adjustment is seriously reduced. One without the other doesn’t make sense. This is due to the fact that exercises help with strength, elasticity and muscle memory. Remember, the only thing that allows your joints to remain pieced together to form an intact skeleton are your muscles and ligaments. Therefore, attention must be given to both for positive goal oriented results.

Have you ever tried to take a deep breath with your chin to your chest?

There are many reasons bad posture negatively affects your health. Have you ever tried to take a deep breath with your chin to your chest? It’s impossible! Your ribs don’t have the ability to make room for the expansion of your lungs. Your lungs provide vital oxygen to your body. Without oxygen your body starves and carbon dioxide builds up setting the stage for cancer. Cancer is anaerobic meaning it thrives without oxygen and once exposed it dies therefore posture helps prevent cancer. Yes, I said it and it is true!

Cancer is anaerobic and thrives without oxygen!

Plus your brain, brainstem, and spinal cord control everything in your body! For your heart to beat, for your lungs to breathe, for your pancreas to produce just the right amount of insulin, and for a cut to heal on your leg, your brain sends millions of signals through your brainstem, down your spinal cord and over the nerves to every cell, tissue and organ. This needs to happen 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you cut the nerve that goes to your eyes, what happens? You go blind. If this happens to your heart, you die. If you put 50% pressure on the nerves that go to your stomach what will happen? It will function at 50%. How are you supposed to control acid production and digest your food properly with 50% function? It is impossible! Once again…posture is important! And as you can see here, your posture is a window to your health!

Posture is a window to your health!

One more thing that sets our office apart from others is that we verify your treatment results through pre and post x-rays, pre and post infrared thermal scans, pre and post neurological and orthopedic exams, and pre and post posture analysis. We want you looking good and feeling good but more importantly we want you functioning at your highest level. I always say, “Health has nothing to do with feeling good and everything to do with healing good!”

“Health has nothing to do with feeling good and everything to do with healing good!”

So, remember to always keep your head up, shoulders back, and hips forward. Your mother might have been on to something when you were growing up…right? Life is too precious to continue down a path of destruction when most of the time your problems can be fixed.

Do you want to shrink as you get older?

Plus, who wants to shrink as they get older? The next time you get a chance, first measure your height standing erect, and second, measure your height while slouching with your head down. I rest my case!

Give performance based joint and muscle correction a try…I am confident you won’t be disappointed!

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"After 4 visits I started to notice a difference in how I felt. Two months after I could straighten my arm with no elbow pain. My back no longer hurts from standing for long periods of time. My knees are much better and I try to come everyday because of how good Dr. Darin has made me feel."

- Carlos M.

"My treatment has been great, I no longer have chronic problems with my neck or lower back. The amazing thing is when I do exercises that are stressful to the lower back (Squats, Lunges,etc), I have had no residual pain from doing these exercises. This has been a great experience for me and my body."

- Mark D.

"I the first 3 months of treatment with Dr. Darin I noticed vast improvements in my posture. I now have improved balance and less pain. Dr. Darin is a great doctor and you can tell by the way he cares for and treats his patients. I highly recommend his practice to anyone suffering from spinal issues. You will leave feeling like a whole new person."

- Andrew B.

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